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In the genealogical memory of the family we can date the beginning of agricultural history with Agostino Merotto, an ancestor who was already known in the area for the quality of his Prosecco at the beginning of the 20th century. Crossing and overcoming the period of the two great wars of the last century, naturally poor in oenological references, we arrive at the years of the rebirth and rediscovery of crops and peasant commitment towards the suitable areas of the different territories.

1972 therefore marks the beginning of the entrepreneurial history of Graziano Merotto who immediately demonstrates a vocation and a precise attitude towards the world of sparkling wines, concentrating sacrifices and experiments in search of a level of excellence that was recognizable and able to leave a qualitative trace destined to remain in the history of the area to which it belongs.

This path, almost fifty years long now, has been completed according to a reasoned progression, in a balanced balance between the advent of technologies and the work of the land practiced in a sustainable way in order to preserve its integrity and value. An articulated road requires good travel companions and the team of human resources involved in the production chain, from the countryside to the Collaborators who work in the most distant countries of the globe, represents, according to the philosophy of Graziano Merotto, the true corporate heritage, without which nothing would be possible and the transformation of grapes into wine would remain an end in itself.

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