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Five generations, a single territory. Tenuta Natalina Grandi tells the story of the passion carried on from father to son. The production takes place entirely in the ten hectares of land owned, divided between Gambellara and Lonigo, between hills and plains. The totally pure grapes are processed with an organic supply chain, which results in a natural, fine flavor that recalls the origins of the earth.

The vines of Tenuta Natalina Grandi have their roots in a soil of volcanic origin, this gives the wines a recognizable flavor starting from their interpretation in dry wines up to the sweet type.
In the hills, in Monte di Mezzo, grape yields are lower, this allows the production of more structured wines such as Recioto and Gambellara Classico.

In the plain, on the other hand, called the locality of Giaroni, wines with greater freshness are produced, such as Prosecco, Solo Lei and Ricordo.

Since 2016 Tenuta Natalina Grandi has chosen to follow the guidelines to obtain organic certification to regularize and highlight a conduct that the company has already chosen for years. In cultivation no pesticides are used, herbicides treatments are limited to a minimum, while the mulching and fertilization of the soil takes place with green manure, the mixture of herbs and flowers that becomes fertilizer.

The company's sustainability is also expressed during the harvest, which still takes place manually.
The grapes, harvested in a natural way, transfer an ancient flavor to the wine, leaving narrative aromas between the lips.

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Gambellara DOC Only her Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €10.00

Straw yellow, with floral aromas and mineral hints, Solo Lei, the Gambellara Doc, is aged for three months in steel barrels. Only Lei is the Gambellara DOC obtained from pure Garganega, grown in the locality of Giaroni. Straw yellow, with a floral scent, Solo Lei acquires greater quality with...

Col di Mezzo Gambellara DOC Classic Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €11.90

Straw yellow, with floral and fruity scents, herbaceous and mineral features. From the classic area of ​​Gambellara, the white aged in French oak barrels. Award-winning by the Gambellara DOC, the Gambellara Classico of the Natalina Grandi estate comes from pure Garganega grapes, grown in the...

Solo Lei Rosè Tai Rosso Pas Dosè Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €15.30

Tai Rosso is a native red grape variety from the Berici Hills area, a Grenage that arrived from France over 500 years ago and acclimatised with a beautiful olfactory panorama, with a marked acidity. In 2005 the Istituto Superiore di Conegliano ascertained the relationship of this vine with the...

Cabernet IGT Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €9.70

Our Cabernet IGT is obtained from grapes from the foothills of Gambellara, in the locality of Giaroni. Aged in steel tanks, the wine is the result of pure Cabernet grapes. Ruby red in color, with herbaceous aromas, it has a bouquet of pepper, pepper and humus mixed with wild berries. Cabernet IGT...

Carmenere IGT Veneto Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €10.50

Carmenere is an intense and enveloping wine, it is a clone of Cabernet Franc and Gros Cabernet. 100% pure, it is obtained from grapes grown in the Acque di Lonigo area (just above the Convento dei Frati). Medium-bodied fruity, intense and enveloping on the nose, with a deep ruby color. It...

Durello Doc Lessini Spumante Brut Natalina Grandi

« Natalina Grandi »
Price €11.10

Straw yellow, with fine and persistent bubbles, characterized by mineral aromas with floral notes. Our Spumante has a straw yellow color with a fine and persistent bubble, characterized by mineral aromas with floral notes and white pulp fruit, and a light bouquet of yeasts and spicy notes.