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Riecine is a rare example of what can be achieved with artisanal care and attention.

The oenologist and General Manager since 2015 is Alessandro Campatelli who directs the entire winemaking process with the precious help of the historic Riecine team. The harvested grapes are placed in small containers (bin) and then gently pressed as per tradition before passing through concrete, steel and wood.

Fermentation is carefully and personally supervised by Alessandro, so as to guarantee the right temperature and perfect extraction of tannins, color and aroma.

Once in the tanks, about 10-20% of the must is drained. This procedure is aimed at increasing the proportion of skins in the must and aimed at obtaining wines with a higher concentration.

All the wines are spontaneously fermented (without the addition of selected yeasts) which for this reason has a very slow start, but which adds character to the finished product and favors a cold maceration that lasts from three to four days.

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Chianti Classico DOCG Riecine

« Riecine »
Price €21.40

Chianti Classico is the wine that most identifies the Riecineche winery, and from 1973 to today it is one of the great names of the whole denomination. Innovation, in compliance with traditional procedures, with respect for the soil and with natural procedures, are the ingredients to create a...