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Our history and that of “Muntagna” met in 2007, when the Tascante project - Pocket and Etna - was born, which is above all the exact synthesis of our idea of a vineyard on the highest volcano in Europe, Etna. A force of nature in its primordial state. Today with great pride I present to you the new born: the wines of the district. A research and study project of the territory that began with the first experimental vinification in 2004. An intense work that then took shape with the purchase of the first vineyards in 2007 in Contrada Sciaranuova and Pianodario, and subsequently in Contrada Rampante, in 2015. Knowing the character of a land, understanding its nuances, identifying its strengths and any more problematic aspects, is not an easy and immediate achievement. You can get an idea right away, but it takes time to understand the details. And the details make the difference. The Nerello Mascalese and the volcanic soils of Etna interact in an almost magical way, expressing the strength of the territory in a distinctive and unmistakable way.

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