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The Balter Farm in Rovereto in Trentino produces the grapes that produce elegant wines in the ten hilly hectares. The climatic conditions characterized by daily temperature variations, by the enjoyment of the sun from morning until sunset thanks to the southern exposure of the existing ones and finally by the breath of the Ora del Garda, an afternoon wind that punctually rises every afternoon, Vallagarina gives value to the wines white and red.

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Barbanico IGT Vallagarina Balter

« Balter »
Price €22.20

This is how Franco Balter called his wine, produced at home before building the winery, combining the names of his two children: Barbara and Nicola. Today Barbanico is a Lagrein base with the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Balter Rosé TRENTODOC Balter

« Balter »
Price €25.60

The fine perlage is due to the perfect combination of wine and carbon dioxide. The delicate antique pink color is given with a short carbonic maceration, the low residual sugar allows a wide enjoyment.

Balter Brut TRENTODOC Balter

« Balter »
Price €20.40

It is the blanc de blanc that serves as the company's business card. The Balter Brut cuvée is obtained from different fields, one part raised according to the tradition of the Trentino pergola combined with others inspired by the French style.