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The passion for the world of spirits was born by chance in '74, the year in which I started working on machinery for oenology. Numerous trips abroad, in particular Switzerland, Germany and Austria, allowed me to discover the world of distillation which, unlike what happened in Italy, founded the foundations on a completely different culture. At that time in our country everyone had the ambition to distill "something" at home, without however having the skills to do so. In the cellars there were only beautiful stills that did not produce anything good. It was a long and tiring journey. Those who encouraged me were my importers who I still have in other countries.

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Distillate of Duroni Capovilla cherries

« Capovilla »
Price €78.69

Distillate obtained by double distillation in a bain-marie in small copper stills from Duroni Marosticani cherries, hand-picked when ripe. The product rested to its fullest extent in steel tanks for at least two years, before being diluted and brought to a gradation of 41% vol. exclusively with...

Capovilla saturn peach distillate

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Price €83.70

The Peach distillate from Vigna Pasta Rossa was born from Capovilla's love for nature and its rich products. For this distillate the search for unique and precious raw materials, which characterizes the producer Gianni Capovilla, focused on an ancient variety of fruit, called "peach from the...

Capovilla Yellow Muscat Grappa

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Price €49.60

This grappa, obtained from the marc of Moscato Giallo di Capovilla, is rich in aromas, with nuances of citrus and yellow fruits. On the palate, soft and delicate, of great persistence.

Grappa Tobacco Capovilla

« Capovilla »
Price €99.00

Grappa Tabacco Capovilla is a distillate of great aromatic complexity, the result of a long aging in barriques. Grappa Tabacco from an exclusive process of which Capovilla reveals no details, but leaves the palate the pleasure of discovering them. The Capovilla Grappa di Tabacco has an alcohol...

Agricultural Rum, Rhum Rhum "LIBERATION 2015" Capovilla

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Price €450.00

Born from the pure juice of fermented sugar cane, this rum ages in fine barriques, in which they first fermented great French white wines. It is an elegant, soft and rich distillate, which superbly expresses the gestures and knowledge of those who created it. On the label only the year of his...