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Established in 1821, the "Casa Divina Provvidenza" farm, sold by the Vatican state to the Cosmi family, has returned to its former glory by focusing on tradition, on the history of a territory like Neptune and on the rediscovery of native vines, a unique heritage in Lazio for more of 2 centuries. The Cosmi have been winemakers for 3 generations, devoted to the enhancement of a wonderful fruit of the earth: grapes.

The company has chosen to give the best for its tradition by producing quality wines, with modern technologies, choosing the best machinery and specializing, thus combining ancient values and modernity, establishing a company that believes in the future and in work. Today a wing of the farmhouse is the occasional residence of the owners while the rest is dedicated to the processing of wine, up to the bottling and packaging of the product. Adjacent to the cellar there is the Company Enoteca with the tasting room, a destination for tourists and local people.

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Rome PDO Red Divine Providence House

« Casa Divina Provvidenza »
Price €10.50

Roma DOP Rosso Casa Divina Provvidenza is produced with 50% Montepulciano 50% Cesanese grapes in the land owned by Nettuno (Rome). In wine it performs a vinification with 15 days maceration on the skins at a temperature of 25 °, followed by aging in steel and barrique.