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Located in the heart of Reims, the production site of the company extends for five hectares and has three levels of cellars in which the wines can develop at their best and reach their complete maturity. Castelnau is a brand specialized in long aging on yeasts. The Maison produces 600,000 bottles from 900 hectares divided between 150 different crus.

Created in honor of General Edouard de Curières de Castelnau in 1916, Champagne de Castelnau became famous during the First World War. Since 1925, and for three generations, Champagne de Castelnau has been owned by a family from Epernay.

Very popular for a good part of the twentieth century, particularly in the 1930s, Champagne de Castelnau is, all over the world, the guest of honor of royal families and circles of the French army. In 1962, in Reims, a dozen winemakers combined their vineyards and their skills to create the Regional Cooperative of Champagne Wines, a cooperative that, in 2003, bought Champagne de Castelnau.

Today, the cooperative has one of the largest vineyards in the Champagne region and has made Champagne de Castelnau its most representative brand.

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Champagne Extra Brut Champagne Castelnau

« Champagne Castelnau »
Price €49.50

This Champagne is no exception to the rule when it comes to long maturation on the lees, the distinctive style of the House of Castelnau. This cuvée is the result of much research to find a fine balance between maturity and freshness. Chardonnay reigns among the sublime fruits of the two red...

Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Castelnau

« Champagne Castelnau »
Price €52.50

What to serve in front of a table laden with different delights? Castelnau Brut Rosé can play a part here: full of flavor and bold, perfect for a timeless gourmet evening. An eloquent alchemy of Chardonnay and Pinot, this is a cuvée with finesse and roundness. The red wines carefully added to the...

Champagne Brut Millésimé Castelnau

« Champagne Castelnau »
Price €72.30

Castelnau Millesimato undergoes an unusually long period of aging on the lees in our cellars, often over 10 years, and this is what makes the expression of the best vintages in champagne shine through. The depth of the Pinot Noir and the purity of the chosen Chardonnay grapes come together to...

Cuvée Brut Réserve Champagne Castelnau

« Champagne Castelnau »
Price €42.50

To create the Brut Réserve we have put together a blend where the finesse and complexity of the Pinot are perfectly expressed and where the character of the Chardonnay adds, as if by alchemy, balance and style. The alchemist tried to turn base metal into gold, and when you close your eyes and...

Champagne Hors Categories Champagne Castelnau

« Champagne Castelnau »
Price €125.00

A rare cuvée of which only 3,500 bottles were produced, and a selection of several notable vintages each chosen from the best villages: with an «Hors Categories» maturation this is truly a unique cuvée. Our Cuvee Hors Categories is an expression of the mastery of Champagne Castelnau, a mastery...