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Four generations of men in love with the vineyard. We are in the fourth generation of men in love with the vineyard. From the 4 hectares of property prior to the great-great-grandfather in the Cerretta area, one of the best mentions of the Barolo hills, the vineyard area has tripled, reaching today, counting as many as 10 hectares in Serralunga d'Alba and 9 in Cigliè, in Alta Langa.

​Great-grandfather Francesco and grandfather Alberto mainly took care of the vineyard and the sale of grapes, the predominant trade in the area at the time, selling it to manufacturing companies but also to private individuals, and making wine only very small quantities for their own consumption and some friends.

The family grows with the joy of the birth of our two children: Elia (1998) and Maria (2001). In the following years we manage to buy another hectare in the Prapò area, one in Lazzarito, one in Pradone (appendix of the Lazzarito) and another in Cerretta. In 2010 my mother inherits from her cousin Tommaso Canale about half a hectare in the most famous historic vineyard of Serralunga la Vignarionda.

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