List of products by brand Luppolajo

We produce all the beers of our three lines, both low and high fermentation, with a manual system with two 12hl double-cooked vats. In this way we can personally control every phase of the production process and give a personal cut to each of our beers. Each step is followed directly by our brewers in a complex alchemy between the beer theory applied in the conception of the recipes and the manual work that is carried out daily in the brewhouse.

Our 130hl cellar allows us to produce more than 1000hl per year. Our fermenters, of different sizes and characteristics, have been chosen to enhance the individual beer styles and allow us to adopt different production techniques based on the type of beer to be produced each time.

Our beers, packaged manually, are all refermented in kegs or bottles at the end of a maturation period that varies from three to six weeks. Once the refermentation is complete, the beers are ready to be labeled and stored in a cold room at 4 degrees.

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