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The spirit of continuous research, in the vineyard and then in the cellar, passion, commitment and innovative dynamism are our constants that join the pride of having now reached the third generation of vine growers.

However, the philosophy has not changed: only native varieties typical of our lands and in particular Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto which cover 85% of our production.

All the grapes we use come from 42 hectares of land owned and we are able, with the help of skilled collaborators, to directly follow all the processing stages, from pruning to marketing.

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Moscato D'Asti DOCG Pelissero

« Pelissero »
Price €9.90

The municipality of Treiso, together with the municipality of Neive, is one of the few municipalities in the Langhe to be able to boast the old land appellation of the four docs, a slogan that has passed since today two of these appellations have passed to the docg, but also because except for...

Barbera d'Alba DOC Piani Pelissero

« Pelissero »
Price €14.10

The name Piani, attributed to the area where this vineyard is located, indicates a part of the hill that is less steep than the average, already historically known for the production of quality Barbera. Generally speaking, the entire Langhe area is characterized by the production of soft and...

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Pelissero

« Pelissero »
Price €15.90

For this wine are used the grapes that from year to year in our opinion are not suitable for producing Barbaresco. The increase in the production area of our company means that the grapes coming from the new plants are included in this product, which in our opinion, precisely because they are...

Barbaresco DOCG Nubiola Pelissero

« Pelissero »
Price €31.00

Last born among our Barbarescos, the first bottles date back to 2001. It belongs to an important denomination for history, tradition and culture and has all the strength and complexity that a great grape can express. In fact, the Nubiola brand indicates the name with which in the historic...