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The Poli distillery is located in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renowned region for the production of marc brandy. At the Poli Distillery there are two bain-marie stills - traditional and vacuum - and the ancient copper still, with steam boilers. the Grappas, each different because the grape variety, the still, the marc, the vintage, the aging, the style are different.

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Chamomile Elixir - Poli Liqueur

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Price €20.00

Infusion in Grappa and alcohol of pure chamomile flowers. The virtues of Matricaria Chamomilla have been known since ancient times, whose flower heads are infused in alcohol, Grappa and sugar.

Poli Ruta - Poli flavored grappa

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Price €17.00

Grappa with infusion of Ruta herb. Thus Castore Durante, a 16th century doctor, describes the Ruta Graveolens in his Herbario Nuovo: “It is hot and dry in the third degree.