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Historic company, farmers since the seventeenth century, has dedicated a lot of effort to the cultivation of vineyards and has always produced selected and refined "Cirò wines" since 1949.

The culture of refinement has been handed down from father to son and currently Luigi Scala, a winegrower in the cellar of all time, continues the production of Cirò with great reference to family traditions. From the cultivation of the vine to the processing and aging of the wine, the Scala company carefully takes care of the phases of its product which aims not so much at the quantity, but above all at the excellent quality of a Calabrese wine that wants to stand out.

The continuity and philosophy of all time is also ensured by the entry into the company of Francesco Scala, currently in charge of commercial relations.

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Cirò White Graco Scala

« Scala »
Price €11.50

Yellow wine with greenish reflections, delicate and elegant perfume, with floral notes of white flowers. Dry, fresh and savory flavor, well balanced and with a pleasantly fine aftertaste.