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We are a small family-owned distillery founded in 1887 which has been run from father to son for five generations. By maintaining the family management over the years we have been able to raise our distribution and the quality of our products reaching high quality standards. Our grappa is now recognized as one of the best in Veneto, the region with the highest concentration of distilleries. Still using the ancient discontinuous system in copper stills, with low pressure steam, we are able to produce a very high quality niche grappa, bottled in elegant glasses that stand out for their refined image, suitable for restaurants and wine bars.

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Grappa La Quaranta Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €27.50

Love and care for the distillation of this young grappa, low in alcohol, which highlights the typical characteristics such as cleanliness in the mouth and dry aftertaste, supported by floral notes on the nose and ripe fruit in the flavor typical in a distillation of Cabernet and Merlot pomace ....

Grappa Aged Old'S Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €28.00

This grappa was obtained from the blend of four different grappas: Cabernet, Merlot, Garganega and Moscato. Aged deliberately in used barriques, to maintain the floral scent of Moscato supported by the note of acacia honey. Nonconformist product. View: Straw yellow, bright.Taste: Soft, clean with...

Grappa of Amarone Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €30.00

We used only fresh pomace from Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella, pressed after their drying, to obtain this fine, young grappa, with a soft and round flavor, with aromas reminiscent of black cherry jam and ripe fruit. View: Young, bright transparent.Taste: Soft and round flavor.Nose: Notes of cherry...

Grappa La Proibita Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €30.00

White color, dry flavor and slightly acidic scent. To obtain this grappa we have chosen the best, albeit rare, marc from black grapes of the peasant tradition of our area. We called it The Forbidden One because… despite everything… History and Traditions cannot Die. View: Young, bright...

Amaro Felsina Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €21.00

From an ancient recipe of the Schiavo house, the rediscovery of this twentieth-century liqueur that arouses, both as an aperitif and as a meal, the memory of the "Belle Epoque". View: Dark amber with orange reflections.Taste: Bitter, enveloping, with hints of herbs and a sweet finish.Nose: Notes...

Tenth Year Liqueur Plum Schiavo

« Schiavo »
Price €21.50

From one of the old recipes of grandfather Guido, here is revived with a modern twist, one of the cult sweet liqueurs of Vicenza, city of Palladio. Delicious smooth, iced or "on the rocks". To be used also in the mixture of sweets, for the correction of coffee or in ice cream. Ideal for those who...