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The Ballabio company was founded in 1905 by a man, Angelo Ballabio, and his dream: to create his own classic sparkling wine, with fermentation in the bottle, of Pinot Noir grapes only, capable of comparing itself with the best Champagne of the time.
To speak of the founder today is to remember a rare man, known and loved as one of the pillars of Oltrepadana sparkling wine. Eclectic figure of self-taught wine, he wanted to shape something of his own, with connotations such as to emerge, however, from the anonymous mass of small local production still lacking that commodity identity that the consumer rigorously demands.

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Rosé Ballabio butterfly

« Ballabio »
Price €31.90

In this Cuvée, made with infinite care and according to the most rigorous Ballabio tradition, the intensity and particular elegance of Pinot Noir vinified in pink are celebrated.

Farfalla Extra Brut Ballabio

« Ballabio »
Price €27.60

Farfalla Extra Brut represents the essence of the Ballabio style. After a long aging in the bottle it is a synthesis of elegance, freshness and complexity. Its balance comes from the Pinot Noir grapes, coming from proprietary vineyards with a predominantly calcareous-clayey structure set on hilly...

Zero Dosage Ballabio butterfly

« Ballabio »
Price €32.50

Farfalla Zero Dosage is the fruit of the best expression of an iconic vine and an extraordinary terroir. Only Pinot Noir grapes from the company's historic vineyards cultivated at over 400 meters above sea level on soils with a predominantly calcareous structure from old vines with low individual...