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In the parish archives of Pressano the surname Cesconi appears for the first time in 1751. From that moment the roots of our family have grown, together with the vineyards, on these hills.

Some documents attest to the purchase of the Olivar vineyard at the beginning of the nineteenth century, whose Nosiola, thanks to the initiative of the great-grandfather Bernardino transported on ox-drawn carts, reached Innsbruck. Subsequently, grandfather Rinaldo, with the help of his son Paolo, began to supply wine to various taverns in the nearby city of Trento. In the following years Paolo succeeds, with great commitment, in increasing the company surface, and with the support of his sons Alessandro, Franco, Roberto and Lorenzo, the modern history of our company begins.

From experience was born the conviction to eliminate the use of all synthetic chemicals. By observing nature we have arrived at the biological conversion of all our vineyards. The deep knowledge of our territory and the daily attention to our vineyards allows us to harvest healthy grapes, thus limiting as much as possible the intervention on the wine in the cellar.

The production of wine is accompanied by a limited production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, intense and pure, coming from centuries-old olive trees in the Valle dei Laghi.

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Sauvignon Blanc Vineyards of the Dolomites IGT Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €23.80

A world pilgrim successfully cultivated in historic and new wine-growing regions, which has adapted well to the climate of Trentino Alto Adige. Of Bordeaux origin, from the crossing with Cabernet Franc, it gave rise to Cabernet Sauvignon. And this would already be enough to place it at the top of...

Olivar Vineyards of the Dolomites IGT Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €23.80

Wine dedicated to a historically important vineyard for our family. So named for the presence of a centuries-old olive tree overlooking the rows. A purchase document attests the transfer of ownership of Olivar to our family at the beginning of the 1800s. As you can guess from the vine-olive tree...

Nosiola Vineyards of the Dolomites IGT Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €14.40

Nosiola is the only native white variety of Trentino, present since the times of the Council of Trento. The origin of the name has not yet been clarified. Many argue that it derives its name from hazelnut, due to the color of the grapes when they are ripe, others that it is precisely the aroma of...

Gewürztraminer Trentino DOC Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €16.90

Very demanding aromatic variety in terms of both agronomic and terroir. Gewürztraminer is one of the first varieties to sprout, it gives its best on exposed slopes and having a compact cluster it prefers well-ventilated vineyards. To achieve optimal ripeness it is crucial to have a sunny...

Pletter Lagrein Riserva Trentino DOC Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €25.50

Lagrein is a native grape that has always been widespread throughout Trentino Alto Adige, which produces a wine with an almost impenetrable color and violet reflections. It has aromas with notes of small red fruits, flowers, undergrowth and spices. A feature that makes it resemble Syrah from the...

Der Blauwal Riserva Trento DOC Cesconi

« Cesconi »
Price €47.90

Der Blauwal is our classic method reserve. A single vineyard, a single vintage and a single grape variety. Time is a precious commodity: it takes at least 84 months on the lees to transfer the complex history of the year, the identity of the vineyard and the characteristics of the variety into...