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The philosophy of a company cannot be made only of words. The philosophy of a company is the backbone of all the choices that that company makes, in all its fields of action. We believe in our values and our commitment is to always act in compliance with them. Only in this way will we be able to obtain a final product that makes us truly satisfied and proud of ourselves as a company, as people, as a family.

Although constantly evolving, the Cotarella family is founded on some immutable pillars. Love for our roots, culture as a continuous exchange, constant research, curiosity, the willingness to innovate and innovate. The passion for our work and the pleasure of listening and sharing. Without all these things we would not be who we are today nor would we be ready to face tomorrow.

Our passion for viticulture and the strong sense of belonging to the territory of origin have pushed us for over thirty years to enhance our wine heritage according to a production philosophy centered on some key values.

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Sodale Tenuta Montiano Merlot Lazio IGP Cotarella

« Cotarella »
Price €20.70

The grapes destined for the production of Sodale, the second wine of the Estate, come from the same vineyards of Montiano. The utmost attention during the harvesting phase and the subsequent selection of the grapes guarantee the best quality to the wine. The color is intense red, with violet...

Montiano Rosso Lazio IGP Cotarella

« Cotarella »
Price €51.50

Merlot is a vine with a long tradition on these hills where it has shown a remarkable adaptation to all its particular pedoclimatic characteristics. Here the grapes reach an extraordinary level of ripeness, then expressing themselves in wines of the highest elegance, perfectly balanced and of...