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Noelia Ricci is a project born in 2010 within the Pandolfa Estate, an estate rich in history that extends for 140 hectares in Predappio, at the foot of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Appenino. The name Pandolfa seems to derive directly from Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, known as the “Lupo di Rimini”, who would have stationed in these places for a long time before setting out to sack the Castle of Fiumana in 1436.
From 1626 to 1941 the owners of the estate were the Marquis Albicini.

In 1941 the property passed to Commendator Giuseppe Ricci, an entrepreneur from Forlì. In the years of the Second World War, the history of Pandolfa changed its sign.

From a pleasant place for the holidays of the marquises, it found itself at the center of the tragic events of the war. It was occupied by the Germans and then attacked by Polish troops, while many displaced people found refuge in its cellars. Once peace returned, in the 1950s, Giuseppe Ricci began the renovation of the estate, involving well-known local artists, who here created works of art up to the legacy of these places.

Ricci also began to rethink agricultural production, which had been of great importance during the Albicini period, bought two adjacent farms and planted Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana vines.

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Bro' Romagna DOC Trebbiano Noelia Ricci

« Noelia Ricci »
Price €14.20

Bro' is a white with a gritty look that enters the mouth without courtly bows and - cheeky - remains with its chest out and forehead held high. The whale as a memory of a wine of yesteryear. An abstract time to plunge into the unconscious.

Godenza Romagna DOC Sangiovese Predappio Noelia Ricci

« Noelia Ricci »
Price €25.70

From Sangiovese grapes selected by hand in the historic "Vigna Godenza" comes a wine that goes back to the origins of this vine and of the Predappio area. The vocation of the Valle del Rabbi terroir is felt loud and clear in Noelia Ricci's Godenza. An elegant, rich and without hesitation...