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Founded in 1893, Cantina di Terlano is one of the most avant-garde producer cooperatives in all of South Tyrol. Its 143 current members cultivate 165 hectares of vineyards, equal to a total annual production of 1.4 million bottles.

For years, together with our partners, we have taken the path of quality with commitment and perseverance, the same quality that has earned us fame and recognition on the Italian and international wine market. This is why, despite being relatively small, the Terlano winery is now an established institution in its sector.

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Santa Maddalena South Tyrol DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €13.50

"In the past, this traditional blend obtained from the two indigenous grapes Schiava and Lagrein, not only played a leading role in South Tyrolean wine production, but was also one of the best-known reds in Italy. This wine, which takes its name from the wine village of Santa Maddalena on the...

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol DOC Terlan

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Price €13.70

"The Müller Thurgau grape is cultivated in our highest and at the same time steeper vineyards. These are located at high altitudes ranging from 500 to 900 m asl. The wines obtained are distinguished by elegance and typicality, with notes of peach and nutmeg."Rudi Kofler

Chardonnay Alto Adige DOC Terlan

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Price €13.90

"The international Chardonnay grape is now a consolidated presence in the vineyards of Terlano, and in addition to enriching our blend, we vinify it every year also in purity, obtaining wines of marked freshness and with a very interesting component of tropical fruits that make them combinable to...

Pinot Grigio Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €14.80

"Pinot grigio, which is part of the family of Bordeaux vines, is a wine that immediately presents itself very elegant, with a delicate fruity and multifaceted bouquet and captivates the palate with a balanced acidity that also remains in the aftertaste."Rudi Kofler

Lagrein Rosé Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €15.30

"Lagrein is a native grape variety from which a wine of great character is obtained, which is not vinified only in red - its most full-bodied version - but also in rosé. Preferably drunk in the hot summer months, this fruity rosé proves to be a wine very fresh and easy to drink, and it is no...

Lagrein Terlano South Tyrol DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €16.00

"Lagrein is undoubtedly one of the leading grape varieties in South Tyrol, and is attracting a lot of interest above all thanks to its fruity taste, enriched by aromatic notes and its soft tannins. This autochthonous grape originates from the basin of Bolzano, but from different for decades it is...

Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €16.50

This vine, which takes its name from the wine village of Termeno, in the Bassa Atesina, is a cornerstone of the assortment of white wines produced in South Tyrol. Thanks to its distinctly floral and fruity components, and above all to its intense aromas, this wine is enjoying many favors, and...

Terlaner Cuvée Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €18.20

"This historic blend, obtained from a blend of the three most traditional varieties grown in Terlano, namely Pinot bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, has been produced since the winery was founded, and is an extremely structured wine. Pinot bianco - the variety present in a higher percentage - it...

Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €20.40

"In the vineyards of medium and high altitude which are particularly well ventilated, very elegant Pinot Noir grapes grow and mature, from which wines with very captivating notes of wild berries are obtained."Rudi Kofler

Winkl Sauvignon Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €24.00

"Winkl Sauvignon Blanc is a sapid, slightly fruity and mineral wine, which has been vinified in purity since 1956. This grape variety has been successfully cultivated for a long time in the Terlano DOC area, especially around the older farms."Rudi Kofler

Kreuth Chardonnay Alto Adige Terlano DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €25.00

"Kreuth Chardonnay stands out for its balanced acidity, creamy structure and elegant aromas. It is thanks to its complexity and a mineral note that this Chardonnay, grown in the DOC Terlano area, is endowed with a great longevity."Rudi Kofler

Monticol Riserva Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €33.00

"This noble Pinot Noir grows in medium-high and high-altitude vineyards between 450 - 600 m asl. Here the descending air currents cool the temperature even in the height of summer. It has been cultivated in our areas since the mid-19th century, especially the older vineyards give a structured and...

Vorberg Pinot Bianco Riserva Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €35.40

"On the southern side of Monzoccolo, in the DOC territory of Terlano, there are sunny and steep vineyards where, at an altitude between 450 and 650 meters above sea level, an exciting Pinot Blanc is grown. This substantial and extremely complex wine is particularly striking. with its minerality,...

Nova Domus Riserva Alto Adige Terlano DOC Terlano

« Terlan »
Price €48.40

"The ruin of the Casanova castle, reported for the first time in a document from 1206, stands majestically at the gates of Terlano. Equally impressive and complex is our noble blend of Pinot bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. This classic Terlaner follows all of them. the merits of its...

Quarz Sauvignon Blanc Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €61.00

"With the same elegance of the quartz inserts that make the Terlan volcanic porphyry shine, our selection of Sauvignon proves to be able to live up to its name. Among its peculiarities stand out the refined structure, the depth and the salty aftertaste, which embellish this noble white wine,...

Porphyr Riserva Lagrein Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €60.80

"Three selected vineyards, with plants that are now almost a century old and therefore provide very concentrated grapes rich in extracts, are the cradle of this Lagrein selection. Vinified entirely in barrique, the Lagrein Porphyr, which owes its name to the prevailing stone of the land on which...

Pinot Bianco Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €14.00

Pinot bianco has always been one of the most important grape varieties in our cellar, and it reflects very well the terroir that gives rise to the Terlano grapes. Vinified in purity, the Pinot Blancs with a refined taste and above all with pleasantly mineral notes are one of our flagships.