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Vigne Matte where nature marries history and where the myth of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG embraces the Unesco hills!
A place suspended between heaven and earth that smells of a glorious past, lives in a splendid present and is constantly projected towards the future.
Not a simple cellar but a microcosm where tradition reigns and where the wise practices of growing Prosecco, defined as the gold of the Marca, are handed down and preserved from generation to generation.

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007 Brut Riserva Chardonnay Spumante Vigne Matte

« Vigne Matte »
Price €13.50

From the vineyards adjacent to the small historic village of Gai, the Chardonnay is harvested. Charmat method lasting at least 18 months in contact with the lees, we obtain a wine characterized by a fine and elegant perlage with a genuine and authentic flavour. This method gives the wine a...