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Zerbosco was founded in 2015 with the aim of enhancing the quality of the grapes grown in our vineyards which are located near the hamlets of Zerbo and Bosco di Montù Beccaria.
Inherited the vineyards from his father Angelo, Ermano handed down to his son the art of cultivating the vine together with his wealth of knowledge and traditions learned from the family and the environment in which he grew up.
This precious heritage, combined with Alessandro's preparation acquired through studies and experiences abroad, led the two to decide to lead and manage the company through reasoned and sustainable agriculture, respecting nature and the vines. . The goal is to produce wines that are the maximum expression of the vineyard from which they come.

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Tabachè Malvasia di Candia Zerbosco

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Price €11.10

The aromatic Malvasia di Candia originating from the Mediterranean prefers warm climates and sun exposure. In this vineyard, which is located not far from an ancient ice house (in the past they kept the ice for a good part of the year) we planted it in the upper part which is the most exposed to...

Mugnaga Rosso Croatina Zerbosco

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Price €13.00

Croatina, an ancient native vine of northern Italy, very common in Oltrepò Pavese, particularly rustic and resistant, planted on the ridges of steep hills facing north, matures more slowly, maintaining fresher aromas and fruity aromas. A variety that requires long pruning and a high number of...

Butòn 16-21 Classic Method Blanc de Noir Zerbosco

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Price €22.10

Pinot Noir has been cultivated for more than 150 years in Oltrepò Pavese, the first wine-growing area in Italy for the production of this noble variety. The sparkling wine tradition is well established in the Versa Valley, where there are the vineyards most suited to the production of Pinot Noir...