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Having earned his diploma as a wine technician at the Conegliano Enological School a few years ago, in 1947 Umberto Bortolotti realized his aspirations, giving life to the Cantine in Valdobbiadene in the pioneering spirit and fervor typical of the post-war period. Seriousness and enthusiasm immediately gave him prestige and in 1954 the company was moved to its current location which, originally a factory and farm, became the subject of subsequent renovations and expansions in response to changing needs.

The evolution, inherent in the development of the productive activity, never betrayed the personal and professional ethics to refer to. And in fact seriousness, industriousness and respect will subsequently be inherited today also by his son Bruno and his nephew Daniele at the management of the cellars, today one of the historical wineries of the Valdobbiadenese area. The Cantine Umberto Bortolotti company, referring to the local wine tradition, which is accompanied by an advanced sparkling wine technique, and above all making a qualitative choice with all its suppliers operating along the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, has been presenting its sparkling wines for over seventy years quality.

Specialized in the production of Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore, it has for a long time maintained a relationship of trust and ever-growing need with its suppliers, in order to protect and promote the strong territorial identity of a viticulture defined by many as "heroic". And the same report asks those who choose its products.

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Valdobbiadene DOCG Vineyard of Ron Altena Brut Bortolotti

« Bortolotti »
Price €12.50

Rive is traditionally the local term with which we identify the vineyards with strong and steep slopes, where the vine and man often climb as if to support the hills themselves together. They are historically the most difficult to work with, where every phase of cultivation and harvesting are...

Beyond Extra Brut Bortolotti

« Bortolotti »
Price €12.60

The first sparkling wine obtained from “resistant” grape varieties suited to high quality enology. Attention to the agricultural environment, BEYOND biological protocols, BEYOND certifications

Bortolotti Code 4-84 Nosiola Brut Bortolotti

« Bortolotti »
Price €16.50

It is sensation, it is uniqueness. The long evolution enhances the character. The dry fruit, the tropical fruit express themselves in complexity, in the warmth of a sip which then refreshes in the pleasant acidity. It is bon ton to talk to each other in secluded conversation, avoiding the crowd...

Pinot Coupage Brut Bortolotti

« Bortolotti »
Price €19.30

Intense straw yellow with evident, how fine perlage. With a clear and ample perfume, a pleasant hint of yeast manifests itself. Dry and rich in complexity, as elegant as it is long on the palate.