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Passions are the vital energy of work and since rock is the other great passion of Marco & friends, then even in the cellar you go to music anytime and anywhere, because we are sure of it: Pinot Nero likes it too.
Positive vibrations and rock rhythm to always work respecting the raw material with accurate and delicate movements, following nature and gravity. Healthy grapes, whole bunches, maceration and fermentation in steel tanks or wooden vats, refinements in barriques and tonneaux, always different by place and year to extract the maximum natural potential from each vineyard.

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Pinot Nero by Marco Buvoli

« Buvoli - L'Opificio del Pinot Nero »
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The grapes are harvested manually only when they have reached full sugar and polyphenolic ripeness. Some of the bunches are not de-stemmed. The duration of maceration depends on the years and the characteristics of the grapes, and can vary from 10 to 20 days, at a controlled temperature.