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Wine is a real value that gives us the unreal ”. Ca 'del Bosco starts from this statement by Luigi Veronelli with a clear purpose: to express a different idea of "wine civilization", creating a privileged relationship between the qualities of its structures, territories, men, wine and art. to obtain the DOC in the now distant 1967, Franciacorta quickly acquires a prestigious reputation, enhanced by the products of its land and by the commitment of those who have wisely invested resources and ideas in quality oenology.

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Vintage Collection Brut Franciacorta Ca 'del Bosco

« Ca' del Bosco »
Price €58.00

Among the Franciacortas of Ca 'del Bosco it is the one that best manages to express the character of the territory and the peculiarities that celebrate each vintage. The trend of climatic phenomena always writes unpredictable stories. And in the ending is the product of the love between man and...