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Vintage Collection Dosage Zéro Noir Franciacorta Ca 'del Bosco

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Grasping and capturing the essence of Pinot Noir is the dream of many. There are those who are convinced that this "soul" is to be found in the strength that variety can express, some in elegance, some even in neutrality. The truth is that there is no single essence of pinot noir, there are its various expressions, which translate the terroir of origin. The Belvedere estate - three vineyards surrounded by woods in the Municipality of Iseo, at 466 meters above sea level, on the hills that border the lake to the south - expresses a pinot noir of austerity, tension and expressive rigor: the long stay on the lees has amplified , in the glass, what was already the heritage of grapes and the earth. And here the earth - a deposit of morainic debris facing the southern sun, sheltered from the north winds, formed in successive cycles of glaciations - speaks of minerality and maturity, of stone and heat. Vintage Collection Dosage Zéro Noir: no dosage, no addition of “liqueur d'expédition”, so as not to obscure its truest, crystalline, instinctive expression, to better grasp the essence of this immense and very personal pinot noir.

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The Vintage Collection Dosage Zéro Noir comes from a careful selection of Pinot Noir grapes first in the vineyard then in the cellar and from a skilful vinification conducted in full respect of our savoir-faire. The grapes, freshly picked by hand in small boxes, are traced to the vineyard of origin and cooled. Each bunch is selected by expert eyes and hands. The grape has a colorless pulp but a black skin: in order to create the base of Dosage Zero Noir it is essential that the juice, the extracted must remain white or slightly pink. This is why the pressing takes place strictly at low pressure, so that the peel remains intact and does not lose color. The musts thus obtained ferment in small oak barrels. To seek the maximum aromatic complexity and expressive power, without losing elegance, the barrel elevation has a duration of only 5 months. A pair of floating tanks allows the decanting of wines by gravity, from small barrels to aging tanks. Six months after the harvest, the three base wines, coming from the three vineyards of origin, are mixed and assembled, so that the proportion between delicacy, nervousness, vinosity and aroma is optimal. Pinot Noir transmits its complex aromas of red fruits to the wine and gives it body, persistence in the mouth and longevity. The magic of its terroir, combined with the skills of men, have given rise to a wine of exceptional purity. To reach its maximum qualitative expression and to develop the characteristic aromatic profile that makes it unique, it takes 8 years of refinement. A Franciacorta rightly ennobled by the “Riserva” classification. The dégorgement takes place in the absence of oxygen, using a unique system in the world, designed and patented by Ca 'del Bosco. This avoids oxidative shocks and further additions of sulphites. It makes our Franciacortas purer, more pleasant and longer-lived. So that this "blanc de noir" can express itself with great personality and transmit the typicality of the terroir from which it was born, we have chosen not to add any liqueur to the disgorgement. Each packaged bottle is uniquely marked, to ensure traceability.

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Data sheet

Ca 'del Bosco
Vines and plants
100% Pinot Noir
Production area
Soft pressing, fermentation of musts in small oak barrels, racking of wines by gravity into aging tanks, assembly of the three base wines, aging for at least eight years, no addition of liqueur to disgorgement
Aging on the lees 8 years and 5 months.
Franciacorta reserve
Bottle Capacity
750 ml.
Alcohol content in %Vol
Service temperature
6 ° / 8 °
As an aperitif, with tartare and carpaccio of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
Contains sulfites

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