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Founded in 1898 by Salvatore Contini, today it represents absolute excellence within the Sardinian wine scene. The Contini family's journey through the wine roads is long and exciting. Attilio, Salvatore's son, carries on the commitment undertaken by his father. Enlarges the current cellar and enhances the surface of the vineyards.

The company is located in Cabras on the Sinis peninsula a few steps from the Phoenician-Punic city of Tharros, the village of San Salvatore and the archaeological site of "Sa Osa" where grape seeds dating back to 2000 BC were found which are the oldest testimony of the cultivation of the vine in Sardinia.

The experience and strength of the Contini generations produce an excellent wine, the spearhead of the company, Vernaccia. The wine has received important awards: gold medal at the Milan Exposition of 1912 and 1913 and the first Sardinian wine to win the Tre Bicchieri del Gambero Rosso in 1989.

But the path of enological experimentation does not stop. Contini products are Vermentino and Cannonau, Nieddera from the vine of the same name and Mamaioa wines, natural wines without added sulphites.

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Karmis Bianco Tharros IGT Contini

« Contini »
Price €12.20

COLOR: Straw yellow, even deep, bright. BOUQUET: Delicate but continuous, with pleasant hints of fruit. Intense and persistent, fruity and floral. TASTE: Soft, full, with a good taste olfactory correspondence. Sapid and persistent.

Vernaccia di Oristano DOC Contini

« Contini »
Price €16.00

Golden yellow color, with subtle amber reflections. The olfactory bouquet is intense and penetrating, composed of hints of fresh citrus, wet stone, aromatic herbs and almond blossoms. The sip is clean and fresh, juicy, with a long persistence, warm and pleasantly bitter on the finish.

Tyrsos Vermentino of Sardinia DOC Contini

« Contini »
Price €8.70

There is a river that flows placidly in Sardinia and takes its name from the ritual stick attributed to the Greek god Dionysus, it is called Tirso. There is a wine that flows happily in the glasses and owes its taste to the Vermentino grapes, it is called Tyrsos.

Sartiglia Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Contini

« Contini »
Price €11.90

There are games that transcend the passage of time and become traditions. Because they retain the taste of an emotion to share with the friends of a lifetime. La Sartiglia is this, an ancient pleasure that is always nice to find and celebrate. The scent is that of wild blackberries and ripe...

Attilio Brut Contini

« Contini »
Price €13.10

Attilio Contini, one of the founders of the winery, would never have imagined that his name would become synonymous with conviviality. The ancient Vernaccia grape, which has become a sparkling wine, has been loved for its ability to make every day worthy of being celebrated.

'Inu Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Contini Reserve

« Contini »
Price €16.00

At one time, 'Inu was the name given to the most important wines born in the heart of Sardinia. This is the name we wanted to give to our Cannonau Riserva: a simply unique wine! He will live forever, like true heroes who transcend the passage of time.

I Giganti Bianco Tharros IGT Contini

« Contini »
Price €23.90

The color of the tharros is straw yellow, even deep, brilliant; The character of Vernaccia and Vermentino enclosed in complexity and minerality. It gives the nose sensations of wild chamomile and helichrysum. Its flavor is soft, full, with good olfactory taste correspondence. Sapid and...

Vernaccia di Oristano DOC Contini Reserve

« Contini »
Price €43.00

Vernaccia di Oristano DOC - Riserva is a white wine with Controlled Designation of Origin and obtained from Vernaccia grapes. COLOR: Golden yellow, with amber reflections. BOUQUET: Full and persistent, with hints of toasted hazelnuts and almond blossoms. TASTE: Dry, warm and full; excellent...