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After graduating in agriculture and a five-year experience in my father-in-law Michele Satta's cellar, I began my personal adventure, driven by a great passion for wine and for the work of the artisan winemaker.

My vineyard initially consisted of a plot of almost 20 years of age, excellently located at the foot of the Castagneto Carducci hill, it is called Le Pievi, about 4 hectares of excellent land with twenty-year-old vines. Shortly thereafter I also acquired an excellent vineyard of over two hectares of white grapes, especially Vermentino, in the locality of Le Fornacelle.

In 2012 I bought what had always seemed to me an excellent vineyard: Le Gonnare. The name means "the washerwomen" because it is located at the foot of an ancient stream. So a soil of torrential deposits, with a lot of skeleton, facing north, deep and rich in clay. Fresh and very late as regards the ripening of the grapes.

About 7 hectares in all. A small reality, so much so that I can personally follow every little step of cultivation and winemaking.

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Bogheri Rosso DOC "Pievi" Fabio Mottola

« Fabio Mottola »
Price €20.50

The grapes harvested when fully ripe are fermented exclusively with natural yeasts in truncated conical vats of thirty quintals, the cap is submerged manually for the entire duration of the fermentation which normally takes 2 weeks for each variety. After the racking, the wines are placed in...

Toscana IGT Sangiovese "Lo Scudiere" Fabio Mottola

« Fabio Mottola »
Price €23.90

The name "the squire" is a tribute to the well-known "knight" of Michele Satta, of which I am a disciple. But it is not only due to a debt of gratitude that I have made this choice but due to my conviction, gained through experience. Sangiovese has its own expression of great value, even in...