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In this section you will find the best liqueurs and spirits selected for you from the distilleries in the national and international most prestigious.

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Chamomile Elixir - Poli Liqueur

« Poli »
Price €20.00

Infusion in Grappa and alcohol of pure chamomile flowers. The virtues of Matricaria Chamomilla have been known since ancient times, whose flower heads are infused in alcohol, Grappa and sugar.

Poli Ruta - Poli flavored grappa

« Poli »
Price €17.00

Grappa with infusion of Ruta herb. Thus Castore Durante, a 16th century doctor, describes the Ruta Graveolens in his Herbario Nuovo: “It is hot and dry in the third degree.

Agricanto Amaro Paladin

« Paladin »
Price €16.50

Agricanto is the most popular liqueur in the Paladin after-meal collection: juicy, sweet and sour at the same time, it is as harmonious as the song of nature which inspires its name. It is perfect on its own and adorable with chocolate or on a spoonful of delicacies such as pannacotta and cocoa...

Wild Fennel Liquoreria Essentiae of Salento

« Essentiae del Salento »
Price €20.50

A liqueur born from the cold infusion of Salento wild fennel harvested during the ripening period. Diluted with herbal teas from the whole plant, and above all with its infused seeds to obtain a unique and intense flavor and to extrapolate the active ingredients both by alcoholic infusion and by...

Digestive Tonic Liqueur Bekes Haz

« Bekes Haz »
Price €20.50

Bekes Haz digestive tonic is a bitter made from an old traditional Hungarian recipe. This digestive liqueur based on herbs and roots, with a pleasantly bitter taste, is excellent at the end of a meal, it can be eaten neat or with ice. Bekes Haz can also become a great mixing ingredient.

Grappa Bianca Quaranta Fratelli Brunello

« Fratelli Brunello »
Price €21.00

Young Grappa obtained from the distillation of a blend of white pomace of Tocai, Prosecco and Gargànega grapes from the Berici Hills and from the Valdobbiadene area (Veneto). Distilled with artisanal method, Grappa Bianca Quaranta is of rare harmony and delicacy. Tasting it you can appreciate the...

Vodka Collesi

« Collesi »
Price €24.60

Collesi Vodka is the result of the encounter between superior raw materials and the skilful mastery of the Tenute Collesi Distilleries.

Elisir 895 Mandabreeze 1895 Amaro prezioso al Mandarino

« Elisir 895 »
Price €22.00

Elisir 1895 Mandamaro, born from an ancient Tuscan recipe of the late 19th century, a mandarin liqueur with bitter notes. Reproduced today with natural infusions, the citrus-scented Elixir is sweet on the palate but at the same time lets you perceive different and intense bitter notes. A unique...

Sweet Anise Liqueur Valle Del Marta

« Valle Del Marta »
Price €22.00

Contents: Hydroalcoholic solution - Water, Alcohol, Natural flavors, Sugar Description: The sweet anise liqueur from Valle del Marta is visually transparent, the indistinguishable fresh notes of anise stand out on the nose, the pleasant and balanced effect that creates the 30% alcohol content is...

Grappa Veneta Quaranta5 Brunello Brothers

« Fratelli Brunello »
Price €22.00

Young Grappa obtained from the distillation of a selected blend of fermented red pomace from Veneto. Distilled with artisanal method, its typical and intense aroma brings back to the grappa of the past with marked cleanliness and persistence. A cornerstone of company production. It goes well with...

Whiskey MoonShine Peach Everclear

« Everclear »
Price €20.90

Whiskey Moonshine Peach is a distillate produced by Everclear, an American brand that has become synonymous with quality over the years. Moonshine is an unaged whiskey, which is legal in the United States as of 2010 and is made primarily from corn.