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Batò Amaro Siciliano Pellegrino

« Pellegrino »
Price €16.40

It was 1895 when Oscar Despagne, a French liqueurist, arrived in Sicily by ship, or in “batò” as he liked to tell, to collaborate with Pellegrino for the production of amaro. Batò Amaro Siciliano comes from the slow and long maceration in alcohol of over twenty officinal herbs and essences.

Poli Ruta - Poli flavored grappa

« Poli »
Price €15.00

Grappa with infusion of Ruta herb. Thus Castore Durante, a 16th century doctor, describes the Ruta Graveolens in his Herbario Nuovo: “It is hot and dry in the third degree.

Pisoni Honey Liqueur

« Pisoni »
Price €15.20

Typical liqueur of the alpine tradition, obtained by infusing alpine wildflower honey in delicate Pisoni grappa from Trentino. Excellent, added to hot milk, as a remedy for coughs and colds. The color is light yellow, typical of honey; the scent is intense and the taste is pleasant and velvety.

Pisoni Peach Liqueur

« Pisoni »
Price €15.20

Pleasant liqueur with a characteristic fruity aroma, typical of the fruit with which it is produced. A right balance between sweet and slightly sour, with a slightly golden color.

Amaro Anerissimo Aneri

« Aneri »
Price €15.50 Regular price €18.00

A bottle and a label with a captivating design for a dry amaro refined in taste, as well as elegant in presentation: Anerissimo is the last born of the Aneri family and represents, according to Giancarlo Aneri, "a further piece of novelty in our production, that tries to keep up with the...

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Chamomile Elixir - Poli Liqueur

« Poli »
Price €16.00

Infusion in Grappa and alcohol of pure chamomile flowers. The virtues of Matricaria Chamomilla have been known since ancient times, whose flower heads are infused in alcohol, Grappa and sugar.

Amaro Bonaventura "Herbs and flowers"

« Bonaventura Maschio »
Price €16.00

Amaro Bonaventura “Herbs and flowers” is inspired by our old Amaro Bonaventura of the last century, in which flowers are the founding element, our heritage. If Prime Uve Bianche is the expression of the vine from which it comes, with “Herbs and flowers” we also combine the fragrant garden with...

Amaro Bonaventura "Herbs and Spices"

« Bonaventura Maschio »
Price €16.00

Amaro Bonaventura “Herbs and spices” is the amaro that comes from Prime Uve Nere, a spirit with a meditative character that is aged in wood and therefore has spicy and toasted aromas. And spices are its distinctive trait. The territory in which this Amaro lives is that of the Venice of the...

Digestive Tonic Liqueur Bekes Haz

« Bekes Haz »
Price €16.90

Bekes Haz digestive tonic is a bitter made from an old traditional Hungarian recipe. This digestive liqueur based on herbs and roots, with a pleasantly bitter taste, is excellent at the end of a meal, it can be eaten neat or with ice. Bekes Haz can also become a great mixing ingredient.

Bilberry Grappa Pisoni

« Pisoni »
Price €18.00

Small fruit symbol of the alpine areas. The bush-shaped plants grow on slopes and shady areas in the mountains. The fruit, with its typical blue color, has a delicate sweet, slightly acidic flavor. The berries are infused in the finest Pisoni grappa from Trentino.

Vodka Collesi

« Collesi »
Price €20.00

Collesi Vodka is the result of the encounter between superior raw materials and the skilful mastery of the Tenute Collesi Distilleries.