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Obtained in the womb of the rock of a karst promontory and embellished with a stylistic canon that refers to the ancient domed vaults, our cellar is a perfect synthesis between modernity and tradition.

The living karst rock walls of the cellar tell the geology of millions of years of history with fossils and minerals.

In this place, from the grapes of our vineyard, the Castello di Rubbia wines are born: they find their identity in the slow flow of spontaneous macerations and fermentations that can last for months. In the silence of the long refinements on the yeasts they find their own identity, each with their own rhythm walks in search of stability, or balance, the first axiom for a wine that is about to embark on a new life in the bottle, without the need for filtration.

This period varies from 2 to 5 years before presentation and public availability.

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Rosso della Bora Castello di Rubbia

« Castello di Rubbia »
Price €26.20

When Nature raises its voice we must respect our role and stick to our ethics. In difficult years, when the climatic trend prostrates the vine with drought or torrential rain, the instinct of the most exasperated creativity is triggered in us, accepting the basis that Nature wanted to give. This...

Vitovska Castle of Rubbia

« Castello di Rubbia »
Price €30.80

Intense yellow tending to golden, wide and intense bouquet with aromas of dry hay and chamomile, acacia honey and white pulp fruit. On the palate it is full-bodied, enveloping, with a dense aromatic texture innervated by a long mineral trail. Recommended pairings: risotto with wild asparagus...

Bianco della Bora Castello di Rubbia

« Castello di Rubbia »
Price €26.20

Istrian Malvasia and Vitovska, indigenous grape varieties of a territory with characteristic rough, sour, arid expressions. The presence of Malvasia, however, gives aromaticity, intense but elegant aromas for a fine wine, but with a proud and important structure. Very interesting.