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Cantina Tramin, the home of the Gewürztraminer , was born in 1898 from a small project with a few families started by Christian Schrott , parish priest of Termeno and deputy to the  Austrian Parliament, to guarantee subsistence and a future for mountain winemakers. Thanks to the strength of this union , Cantina Tramin  over time it has become one of the most successful cooperatives in the region and a recognized example in the world.

In 1971 Cantina Tramin merged with the historic Cantina Sociale di Egna, founded in 1893. A union that associates the heritage of traditions and vineyards in a single cooperative reality, including the prestigious lands in Mazzon and Glen dedicated to Pinot Noir. the arrival in the company of our oenologist Willi Stürz, in the 90s the inversion of the trend towards quality is consolidated and the project of the wines of the Selezione begins, which today includes Nussbaumer, Terminum, Unterebner, Stoan, Freisinger, Maglen , Urban and Loam: the maximum expression of our oenological savoir-faire and the result of a selection of our finest vineyards. From here on, all production will be oriented towards excellence. In 2010 the refurbishment of our headquarters was completed, a project curated by the architect Werner Tscholl, a structure-sculpture that becomes an icon and symbol of Termeno.

The latest addition to the Tramin house is Troy, an elegant high mountain Chardonnay, with which we are going to enrich this world-renowned variety with a unique alpine interpretation.

Today we produce an average of 1.9 million bottles per year, 70% destined for the national market, and the remaining 30% for the foreign market. Working together to create wines that are a harmonious expression of our environment is the guiding principle of Cantina Tramin.

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Moriz Pinot Blanc Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €17.80

Moriz Pinot Bianco was born among the highest terrains of the entire winery. The altitude gives fragrances freshness and lightness, tracing an exciting aromatic panorama. The aromas of Alto Adige concentrated in a young, modern and dynamic wine. The name of this wine comes from the patron saint...

Pepi Sauvignon Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €20.00

Pepi was born in two distinct areas, two classic wine-growing areas for Sauvignon, Penon and Pinzon, in the municipalities of Cortaccia and Montagna, on opposite sides of the valley. These vineyards benefit from the heat of the sun in very different ways and times. On the western slope, sunlight...

Glarea Chardonnay Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €20.00

The name Glarea derives from Rhaeto-Romance and means gravel, a clear reference to the particular conformation of the land from which this wine is born. COLOUR: Straw yellow with greenish reflections BOUQUET: On the nose, Glarea recalls the ripe fruit of banana, dried apricot and pineapple....

Rungg Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €20.90

The grapes for this wine come from the particularly sunny vineyards located on the southern side of the village of Termeno. The hill is located at about 300 m of altitude. The ground consists of limestone and clay gravel. Strong temperature range with hot days influenced by the Mediterranean...

Marjun Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €22.00

The Pinot Noir grapes used for our Marjun are grown in calcareous-clayey soils in a hilly area at 350 to 650 meters above sea level. It takes its name from a limestone detrital belt overlooking the vineyards (in the ancient Indo-European language "marra" means "debris") Color: Marjun comes in...

Stoan Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €30.40

Stoan  it is a unique wine of its kind, which reflects the wealth and potential of our territory. A lively blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco and Gewürztraminer, son of the creative mind of our winemaker. Color: golden yellowSmell: elegant and refined, with fruity notes of peach,...

Maglen Pinot Nero Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €35.70

Maglen Pinot Nero Riserva is a selection of precious grapes , the synthesis of our historic vineyards of Mazon and Glen , the highest expression of Pinot Noir in South Tyrol. Color: ruby with garnet shades Flavor: fine, fresh and elegant notes of pear and hay, toast with spread butter, spicy...

Urban Lagrein Riserva Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €40.20

Urban Lagrein Riserva is our personal interpretation of the oldest native red grape variety of South Tyrol. A wine capable of accentuating its charm over time. Color: ruby red, with intense purple hues Smell: delicate perfume, with intense floral notes of violet, fruity hints of blueberry and...

Loam Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €47.00

In the Alpine arc, microclimatic areas are rare that allow even the less precocious red berried varieties to develop full maturity. Loam Cabernet Merlot owes its exceptional character to the microclimatic position of the vineyards and the particular conformation of the soil, capable of retaining...

Troy Chardonnay Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €83.90

Troy is our idea of high mountain Chardonnay. In the language of our ancestors this name means "path", a choice that represents our long path of research and experimentation of this noble vine. Color: intense golden yellowFlavor: delicate floral and citrus scents, tropical fruits, chamomile and...

Selida Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC Tramin Kellerei

« Tramin Kellerei »
Price €17.00

The term Selida originates in the local language of the past and its meaning is what is now called "small farm" or small agricultural reality. This name is a tribute to the millenary culture of small agricultural owners which, even today, represents one of the strengths of Cantina Tramin. COLOUR:...