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In this section you will find the sale of the best rosé wines of the Italian tradition to bring on your table, selected for you from the cellars of national and international most prestigious.

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Argeo Rosé Prosecco DOC Brut Millesimato Ruggeri

« Ruggeri »
Price €9.50

It has a soft pink color that recalls the shades of peach blossoms. Dense foam and lively and fine perlage. On the nose, the typical aromatic notes of Glera are enriched here with very delicate and fresh hints of undergrowth fruits, such as red currant and raspberry. The bouquet of white flowers...

Pink Wine Alturis

« Alturis »
Price €10.40

Pink Wine Alturis has a fresh and fruity bouquet opens with aromas of red berries, raspberries and cherries; on the palate it is tasty and fresh, with excellent drinkability.

Testarossa Rosé Terre Aquilane PGI Pasetti

« Pasetti »
Price €12.50

Young version of the historic Testarossa line, this rosé, lively in color and aromas, expresses itself at the height of its elegance in the Capodacqua (AQ) area. Sensory Analysis – Bright cherry pink. Fine bouquet of cherry, raspberry and berries. Excellent acidity and flavor with the right...

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Rosé Terre di Chieti PGI Feudo Antico

« Feudo Antico »
Price €15.70

Only organic red grapes vinified in white, exclusively spontaneous fermentation, no filtration.Color: Salmon pink of medium intensityFlavor: Red fruit, raspberry and wild strawberry. Complex, fine and integrated smoky notes deriving from fermentation and aging in acacia barrelsTaste: Full-bodied,...

Lagrein Rosé Alto Adige DOC Terlan

« Terlan »
Price €15.30

"Lagrein is a native grape variety from which a wine of great character is obtained, which is not vinified only in red - its most full-bodied version - but also in rosé. Preferably drunk in the hot summer months, this fruity rosé proves to be a wine very fresh and easy to drink, and it is no...

Ligrezza Calabria IGP Gaglioppo Terre di Balbia

« Terre di Balbia »
Price €20.00

Ligrezza, a rosé wine that means "joy, joy" like the freshness and joyful fragrance it expresses; crackling like the broom bonfires which, as a sign of celebration, are burned in our villages on December 8 in honor of the Madonna. The delicacy of its color and its fresh gustatory and olfactory...

Trentodoc Brut Rosé Millesimato Classic Pedrotti method

« Pedrotti »
Price €24.50

Our Rosé, composed mainly of Chardonnay grapes, with a small presence of Pinot Noir vinified in pink, is perhaps the most sophisticated fruit of the Pedrotti family. The long aging on the lees and its balanced cuvée make it a balanced product, which manages to express its essence in every aspect....

Balter Rosé TRENTODOC Balter

« Balter »
Price €25.60

The fine perlage is due to the perfect combination of wine and carbon dioxide. The delicate antique pink color is given with a short carbonic maceration, the low residual sugar allows a wide enjoyment.

Rosé Ballabio butterfly

« Ballabio »
Price €31.90

In this Cuvée, made with infinite care and according to the most rigorous Ballabio tradition, the intensity and particular elegance of Pinot Noir vinified in pink are celebrated.

1701 Franciacorta Rosé Nature Millesimato DOCG

« 1701 Franciacorta »
Price €33.80

A unique shade of pink, as if it were a cloud of powder flown into the glass, characterizes Franciacorta Rosé 1701. No compromise in the choice of vinifying the Pinot Noir in purity on the skins, a choice that gives an aromatic scent with surprising hints of china and rare gustatory balance.

Clelia Coppo Spumante Brut Rosé Classic Method Coppo

« Coppo »
Price €38.50

The very limited production of this classic method rosé is the result of a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes vinified in red. The finesse and delicacy of this sparkling wine derives from the particular process of refermentation in the bottle developed with its own residual sugars...

61 Nature Rosé Berlucchi

« Berlucchi »
Price €44.00

Franciacorta Berlucchi '61 Nature Rosé, a zero dosage with a strong character and uncompromising identity and a decidedly glamorous look. The grapes, 100% Pinot Noir, come exclusively from the Ragnoli, Quindicipiò and Gaspa owned vineyards.

Nieddera Rosé Valle Del Tirso IGT Contini

« Contini »
Price €7.30

Color: Bright deep pink with purple hues. Taste: Freshness and flavor followed by a vibrant and captivating sip frame an excellent drinking pleasure in a persistent finish. Nose: Finesse and elegance accompanied by notes of red fruit such as cherry and raspberry, closing with vegetal and saline...

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Prosecco Rosé DOC Treviso Extra Dry Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €8.70

When the lively and elegant perlage falls in love with the seductive pink, Prosecco Rosé is born. A fresh and fruity bouquet, embellished with notes of apple, wild strawberry and peach, combines with the pleasantness of a delicate and balanced wine. Composition: glera + 15% pinot noir. Serve at a...

Tellus Rosè of Syrah Lazio PGI Falesco

« Falesco »
Price €10.30

From the Syrah vineyards from which the red Tellus has been produced for years, grapes are obtained that guarantee great freshness and particular predisposition to be vinified as a rosé. Tellus Rosé di Syrah was born with the 2016 vintage, and is the third arrival in the Tellus family.