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Red Wines

Red wine sales

In this section you will find the best red wines in the sale selected for you from the cellars of national and international most prestigious. Our wine shop online sells and ships all over the security, transparency and speed of the best wines on the market.

Showing 1-24 of 428 item(s)
Showing 1-24 of 428 item(s)

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Cabernet Franc IGP Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €7.00

Ruby red wine with violet reflections. On the nose there is the herbaceous note, typical of the vine, with aromas of blackberry, raspberry and the spicy scent of tobacco. In the mouth it is sapid, harmonious, with a good structure, persistent, with a pleasantly tannic finish. It prefers pairing...

Raboso La Nave De Oro PGI Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €7.00

Wine-red color with violet reflections. The nose is fruity with notes of red fruit, especially cherry and raspberry. On the palate it is soft and harmonious. It goes very well with red meats, grilled, grilled pork and cooked salami in general and really excellent with pork and game.

Pinot Noir La Nave de Oro PGI Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €7.00

Intense red color with violet reflections. Intense and ethereal bouquet of berries. In the mouth it is round, harmonious and with a persistent flavour. The combination of Pinot Noir as a still wine is that of important reds. So with first courses with meat, mushroom or game sauces, red meat or...

Cabernet Sauvignon PGI Belcorvo

« Belcorvo »
Price €7.10

Intense ruby red color with violet reflections. Broad bouquet, slightly herbaceous, fruity, spicy. In the mouth it has an excellent body and goes well with roasted white meats, game dishes, game, aged cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 18-20 °C.

Refosco Alturis

« Alturis »
Price €8.20

Intense and pleasant aroma, of great elegance, typicality and personality. Vinous and fruity with notes of wild blackberry, black currant and blueberry; subtle hints of green pepper also emerge. On the palate it is soft and dry with vinous flavors and lively tannins.

Merlot Alturis

« Alturis »
Price €8.20

Fruity and vinous bouquet with notes of raspberry, blueberry and plums integrated with hints of undergrowth and delicate spices. Full, dry and soft on the palate with fruity and varietal flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Marca Trevigiana Cecchetto

« Cecchetto »
Price €8.60

Present in Veneto since 1870, this vine has easily adapted to almost all soils. Of a beautiful intense ruby red color with violet reflections, its scent is vinous, slightly herbaceous, with hints of raspberry in youth. Thanks to its good alcohol content it lends itself well to aging taking on...

Carmenère IGT Marca Trevigiana Cecchetto

« Cecchetto »
Price €8.60

Ancient variety that arrived in Italy at the end of the nineteenth century and improperly called Cabernet Franc. Almost forgotten in France, it has found its home of choice in our territory. It expresses itself with a characteristic herbaceous scent, extended by notes of black pepper and wild...

IlBio Umbria IGT Red Lungarotti

« Lungarotti »
Price €8.70

IlBio Umbria IGT Rosso Lungarotti Intense and brilliant ruby red color, good complexity and wide olfactory range: licorice, cinnamon, pine resin and sweet tobacco, with a decisive finish on sweet spices and jam. Ever since the project for this new wine was born, it has always been referred to in...

Nacchero Ciliegiolo Toscana IGT Grillesino

« Grillesino »
Price €8.90

The origins of Ciliegiolo are still uncertain: while some argue that it was imported by pilgrims returning from the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela in Spain (hence the other name of "Ciliegiolo di Spagna") others believe it to be that "Ciliegiolo dolce ”Described by Soderini in the...

Montirosso Bepin De Eto

« Bepin De Eto »
Price €9.30

Deep ruby red color with violet reflections. The aroma is fresh and fruity, young, with notes of small red fruits. On the palate it is soft, intensely fruity and harmonious with a slight carbonic presence that makes it even more captivating. The finish is dry.

Dasempre Del Pozzo Buono Lacrima di Morro d'Alba DOC Vicari

« Vicari »
Price €9.50

The excellent native vine "Lacrima", which has always been present in our company, was used in the past to "flavor" the other red wines. Today vinified in purity allows us to obtain a deep ruby red wine with a fruity scent, where the violet and the fruit of the undergrowth blend in absolute harmony.

Solinghino Buttafuoco DOC Picchioni

« Picchioni »
Price €10.10

Solinghino Buttafuoco DOC Picchioni shows a beautiful bright ruby color with violet reflections. The nose ranges from wild rose to small berries, with hints of freshly cut hay. In the mouth it is full, soft, harmonious, with a finish of good persistence.